The Slater Foundation gives regularly to about 50 different charities, mainly to help the elderly, children, animals, cancer research, the blind, the deaf and soldiers returning from war.  However, its main purpose is not to support established, well-funded charities that already have substantial financial backing.  Instead the Foundation prefers to seek out less obvious British charities and causes that might be in their infancy or for other reasons do not have strong financial support.

One example is the Red Squirrel Survival Trust (RSST) which aims to protect existing populations of red squirrels and also establish new colonies.  Our donation to RSST ensured the target was reached to unlock a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to the Friends of Anglesey Red Squirrels to reinstate red squirrels across 720 kilometres of Anglesey’s landscape.

Another example is the funding of the tutition fees, sports massage and athletic nutrition costs for Isabella McGuire Mayes, a promising young British ballerina at the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy in St Petersburg.  Isabella’s family would have found the financial burden too great.  Isabella is now with the Mikhailovsky Theatre in Russia and has a career as a solo ballerina.

The Foundation’s approach is wide-ranging and therefore difficult to define.  In general terms we are looking to make a difference by helping to achieve something worthwhile that would be unlikely to happen without our intervention.  One of our main aims is to alleviate suffering and enable status-changing events to take place.  Another major aim is to encourage excellence, especially in cases in which prospective beneficiaries have made every personal effort to achieve their ambition.

If you think The Slater Foundation may be able to help you and you meet our criteria please visit our Contact page.